Following protests, President Trump set to meet with local law enforcement in Kenosha

President Trump plans to meet with local law enforcement in Kenosha, Wisconsin following the shooting of Jacob Blake and the ensuing protests and rioting in the area.

The unrest in Kenosha began following the filmed police shooting of Jacob Blake. After an encounter with police, the police shot Blake in the back seven times and Blake has been hospitalized since.

Since the shooting, protests have erupted in the community and the Governor of the State even declared a state of emergency after rioting in the city. After days of unrest in the streets, Governor Tony Evers finally accepted federal help to help calm the situation.

Now that much of the situation has stabilized, Trump plans to visit the city. According to NBC Chicago, Trump said that he wasn't planning to visit Blake's family because they wanted lawyers included in the meeting. NBC did report, however, that "The president will meet with members of local law enforcement and survey damage following unrest and riots, according to the White House."

Some politicians-- including the Governor or Wisconsin-- have urged Trump to reconsider visiting visiting the state.

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