UAW ratifies contract with Ford Motor Co.

United Auto Workers members have voted to ratify a tentative agreement with Ford Motor Company, marking the possible end of the first simultaneous UAW strike against the Big Three.

A vote tracker shows 34,657 members voted for the contract while 11,007 voted against it.

Stellantis and GM voted to ratify their contracts this week. The tentative deals are somewhat similar among the Big Three automakers but the exact details are not publicly known.

Stellantis offered the UAW 25% in base wage increases through April 2028 and will cumulatively raise the top wage by 33% compounded with estimated cost of living adjustments to over $42 an hour.

The starting wage will increase by 67% compounded with estimated COLA, to over $30 an hour. The lowest-paid workers at Stellantis, temporary workers, will see a raise of more than 165% over the agreement. Some workers at Mopar will receive an immediate 76% increase upon ratification.

The agreement reinstates benefits lost during the Great Recession, including cost-of-living allowances, a three-year wage progression, and ending wage tiers.

It improves retirement for current retirees, those workers with pensions and 401(k) plans and includes a right to strike over plant closures and a right to strike over product and investment commitments.


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