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Family Health Solutions

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About Dr. Tim Smith

Family Health Solutions is hosted by Health and Wellness Speaker Dr Tim Smith, D.C. from New Life Chiropractic in Rocklin, CA. Dr. Tim is the author of "Unleash the Healer Within" and operates one of the largest natural health clinics in the Greater Sacramento Area. He is certified in nutrition, fitness, detoxification and advanced spinal correction and continues to travel around the country to learn all of the latest techniques and research within the natural health profession.  As a Max Living Chiropractic he has made it his mission to empower as many people as possible to live a healthy life, naturally, through the 5 Essentials of Health. Every Monday and Tuesday from 2-3pm you can hear Dr. Tim Smith live on Money 105.5 as he discusses the cause and solution of common health issues for a happier and healthier lifestyle. If you would like to learn more about Dr. Tim Smith and Max Living visit us online at or call the office at 916-259-2682. 

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