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HealthLine Now features radio show recordings that explore health and wellness topics such as immune system health, energy levels, skin health, digestion, female health, joint health, and many others. World-renowned nutritionist, Dr. Robert Marshall, PhD, shared his wisdom and answered listeners’ most pressing questions in his friendly and informative show that aired on the radio for more than thirty years. Don’t miss this nutritional legend, whose insightful ideas revolutionized natural healthcare.

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About Dr. Bob Marshall

Dr. Marshall was the co-founder of Quantum Nutrition Labs and the host of "HealthLine Now". In rebroadcasts of this popular program, listen as he answers callers' health-related questions and helps listeners achieve their best health. 

Dr. Robert Marshall, PhD. Dr. Marshall was a clinical nutritionist whose concepts were before his time. He believed that the secrets of optimal health and restoration lie not within costly treatments or procedures, but in the body’s own theorized energy field – the Quantum Energy Biofield. Using these concepts, Dr. Marshall touched the lives of countless clients throughout the globe with his effective and insightful applications; rapidly inducing, what he liked to call, The Quantum Nutrition Effect. As a result, Dr. Marshall was recognized as one of the foremost authorities in integrative medicine and considered by his peers to be one of the preeminent clinical nutritionists of his time. His remarkable body of research and his revolutionary assessment approach – Quantum Reflex Analysis – is still taught worldwide through clinical seminars around the globe. Motivated with a passion for uncompromised research, Dr. Marshall led the way with a new paradigm of the most progressive technologies, innovations and strategies for Quantum Health.

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